Pepperdata Code Analyzer, Couchbase’s Engagement Database, and DataStax Managed Cloud — SD Times news digest: May 23, 2017

Couchbase Server 5.0 beta comes with built-in full text search, more responsive applications and data management, security options, and application development that leverages enhanced N1QL query monitoring and debugging. Read full news article on SD Times  

Major Cloud Outages: Five Things Organizations Can do to Protect Against Network Failures

Recent Major Cloud Outages It is no surprise that whenever there is an outage in a public or private cloud, organizations lose business, face the wrath of angry customers and take a hit on their brands. The effects of an outage can be quite damaging; a 10-hour network outage at hosting company Peak Web ultimately … Read more

Overcoming Ransomware Cyberattacks with Cohesity – Video

This demonstration showcases how Cohesity can help organizations protect against ransomware cyberattacks. Notice the efficiency and effectiveness of the Cohesity DataPlatform against ransomware by and its ability to quickly restore the state of the virtual machine and files to a specific point in time prior to the ransomware cyberattack infection. Read full news article on … Read more

The Truth Is Flexera is Reimagining the Way Software is Bought, Sold, Managed, and Secured

Flexera helps organizations meet the challenges of a dysfunctional software supply chain where licensing is highly complex and software contains security vulnerabilities. Our software asset management, vulnerability management and composition analysis solutions allow IT Operations, IT Security, Development and Procurement teams to work together to reduce software and cloud services costs, maintain license compliance and … Read more

It’s Time To Move – Simplify Your SAP Migration To The Public Cloud

SAP Migration To The Public Cloud SAP transformations to hyper-scale cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are gaining momentum for both non-production and production workloads. This is no surprise given the potential to reduce total cost of ownership, renew and transform core ERP by introducing SAP S/4HANA, and innovate faster from the cloud with … Read more

Why It’s Difficult to Make the Cloud Secure

Cloud services have become so prevalent you’d think security is a reasonable expectation. However, a secure cloud is easier said than done. Many IT professionals, across various countries, are finding that keeping data and applications safe in remote places is challenging. That’s not because the cloud is insecure. Almost half of professionals in an Intel … Read more