What Security Functions Should You Outsource Now?

As technology advances and cybersecurity threats increase, businesses are ever eager to hire information security professionals who can help protect their data and company assets. Professionals with these coveted skills are in high demand, with a job outlook that is expected to grow 18 percent by 2024. Read full news article on Dzone  

Security Implications of Outsourcing

Police in the Netherlands recently contacted more than 20,000 people who they suspect had their personal data stolen by a malicious web developer. This developer had built “backdoors” into applications he created for various businesses as a contractor. Read full news article on Dzone  

Russian Outsourcing Provides Plausible Deniability for State-Sponsored Hacking

Last week, Russian president Vladimir Putin apparently conceded that patriotic Russian hackers may have been involved in the DNC hacks last year. “If they are patriotically minded, they start making their contributions – which are right, from their point of view – to the fight against those who say bad things about Russia.” Read full … Read more