Your Linux Machine Can Be Hacked Remotely With Just A Malicious DNS Response

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Systemd, the popular init system and service manager for Linux operating systems, that could allow remote attackers to potentially trigger a buffer overflow to execute malicious code on the targeted machines via a DNS response. The vulnerability, designated as CVE-2017-9445, actually resides in the ‘dns_packet_new’ function of ‘systemd-resolved,’ … Read more

Webhosting Firm hit by “Erebus” Ransomware around 153 Linux servers and over 3,400 business websites infected

South Korean web hosting firm hit by Erebus ransomware infected 153 Linux servers and more than 3,400 business sites the organization hosts. According to the blog note issued by NAYANA’s initially, hackers asked to pay 550 Bitcoins and after they negotiated up to 397.6 BTC to be paid in installments. Read full news article on … Read more