Pawn Storm – A Prolific Cyber Espionage Group

In this session, Trend Micro will review its own research into Pawn Storm (a.k.a., APT28, Fancy Bear, Strontium, etc.), which exposes the scope and scale of the cyber-espionage attacks the cyber tradecraft of those who wage these attacks. Trend Micro’s researchers have observed activity dating back to 2004, with attacks that have been targeting government, … Read more

Cyber Attack Trends 2017 and Beyond: Protecting Your Business in Cyberspace

As the scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks increases, coupled with new legislation and the complexity of technology, businesses need to manage risk in ways beyond those traditionally handled by the information security function. In this session, Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum, an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to investigating, clarifying and resolving … Read more

Cybercrime as a Service: Which Threats Should We Address First?

Monetarily motivated attacks are by far the most prevalent cyberthreats to organizations worldwide, yet vulnerability management techniques have largely failed to adapt to a threat landscape dominated by distributed crimeware. By understanding the commercialization of attack tools and services – particularly the vulnerabilities they use, re-use and share – vulnerability management can focus on the … Read more

Is There Too Much Cybersecurity Technology?

Businesses are suffering from an influx of too much security technology packaged into too many solutions offered by too many vendors, says former RSA Chairman Art Coviello, who’s now a partner at venture capital firm Rally Ventures. He claims the proliferation of products isn’t helping improve cybersecurity. Read full news article on  

Citrix VP Calvin Hsu outlines seamless end user security at #CitrixSynergy 2017

Citrix is a leader in virtualization, networking and cloud infrastructure to enable new ways for people to work better. Citrix solutions help IT and service providers to build, manage and secure virtual and mobile workspaces that seamlessly deliver apps, desktops, data and services to anyone, on any device, over any network or cloud. Read full … Read more