Should SaaS Companies Publish Customers Lists?

A few weeks back, HR and financial management firm sent a security advisory to customers warning that crooks were sending targeted malware phishing attacks at customers. At the same time, Workday is publishing on its site a list of more than 800 companies that use its services, making it relatively simple for attackers to chose their … Read more

Understanding the “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

One of the worst global malware attacks to date has infected nearly 200,000 computer systems in almost 150 countries. The malware attack, referred to as “WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry”, encrypts or freezes all files on computers and requests $300 in Bitcoin currency in exchange for returned access to the files ( Read full news article on … Read more

Vulnerability Alert: Windows XP users – Install this new patch right now!

Microsoft has just released a new patch for Windows XP. This news itself should invoke terror in the heart of XP users, as it’s almost certainly the result of a leaked vulnerability which could hit the internets very soon and turn all the PCs running a undead operating system into zombies. Read full news article … Read more