Testing and Accountability

Title: Testing and Accountability

Published:  Tue, 07 Apr 2020 10:09:12 +0000

Description: AMTSO (the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization) is a coalition of security professionals, including many antivirus product vendors, product testing organizations and publishers, and some interested individuals. Given the highly technical nature of its activities, it is inevitable that the organization owes some of its authority to the expertise of the security specialists within its ranks, but that doesn’t make it a vendor lobby group. As Kurt Wismer (not himself a member) points out here “many of them are employed by vendors precisely because that’s one of the primary places where one with expertise in this field would find employment.” Given some recent negative publicity aimed at AMTSO, we want to collectively clarify the following points on behalf the anti-malware industry, where we come from, and indirectly on behalf of AMTSO.

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